Why choose Lifestyle Locations?

3351C 32 tv shoot location house in Cheshire contemporary family home

Our locations are split into five categories based on the space, style and features.

The price for each category will vary according to both crew size and the hire period required (e.g. full days, half days etc.):

Photography / Filming
Level 1 - Crew < 5
Level 2 - Crew 6-10
Level 3 - 11-15
Level 4 - 16-25 *

We have found that by doing this, clients are confident that they are getting really good value for stylish locations; and that location owners attract the right premium to optimise regular bookings.

If you want to know more about Lifestyle Locations we would love to hear from you! Just call us on 07739 865241 or email info@lifestylelocations.co.uk

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